07 December 2008


On Friday, when we had returned from the library (when I last posted), Dave had returned from Sydney. He was glad to be back - and we were happy he was "home". Friday night it rained hard most of the night.

Saturday was HOT and MUGGY!! It was all of 35 degrees C! Which means it was 90 or above and humid. By 2pm we couldn't take it anymore so walked down to our Moora Beach park and walked out to the pier. On our way, a family asked me what to do for their daughter that was bitten by a Blue Bottle Jelly Fish! Her abdomen was welted and black/blue. It didn't look good. I later found out the answer was ice and/or vinegar. By the time we had returned home, it was overcast and then rained again, so cooled everything off.

Sunday we decided to go to Colundra - which is the most southern city of the Sunshine Coast. It's about 1-1/2 hours north of our Shorncliffe location. It was wonderful! The tidal pools were some of the best Dave has ever seen! He was really delighted with it. Clara found a blue ringed octopus in one of the pools. And we all saw a sea cucumber. Neo didn't like the slimy rocks - but everyone was happy with the tidal pools. Many conche shells were collected.

Monday, Dave received a phone call from the recruiter - HE GOT THE JOB IN SYDNEY!!! He starts 5 January! Now we have to figure out what to do next!!!

Things are especially difficult to find rentals at the moment....with Christmas and all the holiday rentals all booked out....I made many calls today trying to pull something together. I just received a phone call about a short term rental possibility that will get us through....we'll get things confirmed in the morning!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations Dave! I wish I could see the tidal pools.

Judy Wakabayashi's son bought the Lone Pine tickets and is supposed to send them soon. I gave her the correction on your address, so hopefully he got it in time.

TheHarriman Family said...

Congratulations on the job! It sounds like things are falling in place for you! The scenery looks wonderful.

LizzyT said...

Congratulations on the job. What a time you are having, you have only been there a short while and you are on the move again. At least it will be cooler for you in Sydney. At the moment we are planning on a validation trip in June/July next year, but hopefully we will have sold our house by then and will be able to move. Good luck with your move. Janet.