13 February 2010

Wisconsin Winter Blahs

Snow folk built earlier in the season, feeling the effects of winter sun melt

Late January, all of February, and March are the parts of Wisconsin winter that push me over the edge. Allow me to paint the picture. The outside temps are in the single digits over night and reach into the 20s during the day. Too cold to be out much! There are winter hats, mittens, snow boots, snow pants and winter coats strewn in the front hallway. Whenever you get ready to go outside, you need at least hat, mittens/gloves, winter coat and probably winter boots. The snow is tracked into the house making it constantly dirty with wet spots through out. The days are short. Clara leaves the house in the dark (6:45am) and Dave arrives home in the dark (4 - 4:30). The outdoor Christmas lights are mostly taken down, making it seem especially dark. This week (2nd week of February) the meterologist said we have gained 1-1/2 hours of daylight and I noticed that Clara is not walking out the door into the dark.

Industrial sized snow creature - notice the dirty, grey snow along the road and driveway, Yuck

The snow is piled up in the yard and along the sidewalks and roads. The piles of snow can be large, making it difficult to see around when driving, difficult to drive on the streets. There are many residential streets in Madison where two cars cannot pass each other. One driver has to find a driveway to pull into to wait until the other vehicle passes.

The children are done with the snow activities since there's been snow since mid-November. The sledding, snow forts, snow folk, and snow angels have all been done. Some sledding still goes one, but creating is out of the question unless there's a new snowfall. This is because the beautiful sunny days, the only saving grace, cause the snow to melt a little during the day - only to refreeze as ice overnight. With the children cooped up in the house, and the house closed up tight, it feels especially small.

Neo wearing his winter coat, winter hat in the cup holder on his seat.
We thought this was funny because he's falling asleep with his Leapster for a pillow.

I generally try to plan to go to events and activities with the children. We have a membership at the YMCA and we go swimming sometimes and Neo loves to go to the Family Night on Friday nights. But when kids are sick, all events are cancelled - and then I really get Cabin Fever. We just had 2 weeks of kids - Tristan, Zoe and Neo sick and home from school. It was Catholic Schools week with special presentations and a luncheon at Zoe's school. I had planned to attend, but Tristan was home sick, so we couldn't go. That really punctuates the Winter Blahs.

Amaryllis blooming on the dining room table

Thoughts turn to spring, especially on Groundhog's day - February 2nd. The longing for spring is palatable, but it's a long way off....at least 6 weeks. I grow Amaryllis, Paper Whites, and Tulips indoors at this time of year, to give some green and growing things and Hope for spring.