26 August 2013

Athletics Zone Competition, Soccer Awards & 100 Word Challenge

On Friday, Tristan received an award for "Outstanding piece of writing on the 100 Word Challenge" for his creative writing piece.  Tristan's work was showcased world wide.  In this particular challenge, the participants were to use a prompt and create a story.  His class has been participating in the 100 Word Challenge all year.  Great creative writing opportunity.  http://kidblog.org/MrFrew/0150de57-b3d8-427e-8e77-12a74c7294cf/100-wc-39/

On Thursday Tristan represented his school at the Brisbane Waters Zone Athletics Competition.  Tristan did very well. He will likely move up to the next level of competition - Sydney North - in discus and 100 meters race.

Tristan about to throw discus

Tristan made the semi-finals (4 participants)

Tristan ran the 100 meter 13 year old race

There's the starter gun
Tristan went on to Sydney North Carnival

Neo completed his first year of soccer. Gala day was on Saturday - where they played 3 fun games, had a sausage sizzle, and received their trophies.

Neo with his team and coach Dave

Neo receiving his soccer trophy and certificate

20 August 2013

Photostream 2013

I'm relieved to see that my last post was in 2013....I was afraid it had been longer.   As you can imagine, a lot has happened since Feb 2013.  Short list - my job ended in April.  I started my own business in May.

Dave continues on in his work.  It seems to be more stressful every week.  We went to Taronga Zoo together - no kids - during a short break from work.  We continue to enjoy morning walks on the beach at the weekends.

Tristan as Creepy Scarecrow for Camp Creepytime Party

Sweet 16

Ice Skating @ Hunter Valley Gardens

Zoe on skates

Zoe in Snow play area

Neo in Snowball throwing area

Tristan waiting for a snowball
Most of these pictures are from July school holidays.  Clara turned 16 in June.  The kids had their US passports renewed in July.  Clara ran cross country at Brisbane Water Zone -in  May.  Clara started a job - then lost it.  Clara earned her driver's license and drove for the first time in August.

Clara's choice of shoes for walking on a very muddy path to Little Beach

Clara's Sweet 16 Birthday Party with Friends @ San Churros

Clara and her boyfriend, Jesse

Tristan was successful in getting into Gosford Selective High School.  He begins there in 2014.

Neo is almost an independent reader.  Zoe has redecorated her room.
Zoe's Zebra Themed Room

Zoe Painted these...