12 November 2011

Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat

Zoe's year 2 class performing a dance.

Class 2S performing.

Happy at the end of the final performance.


The Copacabana K-2 put on a musical based on the book: "Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat"
authored by Stephen Michael King. Zoe's teacher put the book to music and the children danced in between reading/reciting the picture book to the audience.

On the way out of the theatre.

After many weeks of practice during the school day, there were four performances. The first was a matinee for the older students and teachers/staff. Then there were two night performances and a matinee performance. Zoe was tired but happy at the end of it.

Just a glimpse.

The children were all adorable. They performed quite well. I was fortunate enough to be in the audience on both evening performances. They out did themselves in the final performance.

All performers onstage at the finale.

06 November 2011


Neo wearing his Copa Surf club Nippers uniform.
The cap is what under 6s wear.

Nippers is a surf/beach learning classroom for children from 5 to 14. Nippers is run through the volunteer surf clubs. We decided to join the Copacabana surf life saving club. Neo and Clara are eager participants. Zoe has attended 3 of 5 sessions so far this year. Here's the link to Nippers.

Zoe's under 9s group (red cap) practice how to swim under waves.

Clara and Zoe had to pass swim tests in the pool. Clara had to swim 200 meters in 5 minutes. She made the time, but held onto the side too many times to catch her breath. They said they'll keep an eye on her as they go out - which is good to know. Zoe had to swim 25 meters and pass a flotation test. She did fine.

Neo paddling a board in the rock pool.

On Zoe's first day at the beach, she went out the furthest she has ever ventured in the ocean. The water safety team had people stationed out and back making it very safe.

Clara does board training. Because of her age, she is beginning training to become a member of a patrol team. She has already learned CPR. Her time on the beach is spent mostly on the boards.

I took the Senior First Aid training offered by the surf club. I can tell you that CPR has changed over the years. I hope to become an active member which means I'll help to patrol the beach. Another set of eyes. Hopefully I won't need any first aid knowledge.

Neo loves nippers.