01 December 2008

NewsFlash - Could be SYDNEY!!!!

WOW! Dave is going for a job interview in SYDNEY for Thursday 4 December, morning. They want him to start right away!!!

It's very exciting and a real change because I've been looking at permanent rentals. But we'll make due. We have to go where the jobs are...and Dave is very uncomfortable with the hot days here in Brisbane - even with the lovely breezes off the beach.

We went to Sutton's Beach in Redcliffe on Sunday as a family and the kids and I again today, Tuesday. On Monday, I took the children to Brisbane to complete our Centrelink applications. So that's done. As a treat, we went to the South Bank Parklands Beach! It was a lot of fun.

We'll have to make a point of going to Lone Pine Koala sanctuary before we go to Sydney. The children and I will be driving. We might just send Dave ahead, especially if they want him to start right away....which is what it sounds like.

Zoe said again yesterday that she really likes Australia. We're all enjoying the wildlife. There is zero pollution. The stars in the sky are amazing! Last night there was a smiling face - made up of the moon (smile) and two eyes - planets Mars and Jupiter. It was lovely.

I'll write again when I get more of a chance.


TheHarriman Family said...

Wow! That is great that Dave has a possible job already! What is Syndey like as compared to Brisbane? Sounds like you are having a great time hitting the beach! I am sure it will all work out.

LizzyT said...

Moving already! When we eventually get over there we are heading for the Central Coast which is just north of Sydney. Good luck I hope everything goes well for you.

Jennifer said...

I asked Judy Wakabayashi for some ideas on Christmas gifts and she suggested that we get you tickets to Lone Pine. Her son was going to buy them and have them mailed to your place (he lives in Brisbane 5 minutes from the sanctuary). Should we go ahead with that? Are you thinking of staying a couple more weeks or going straight to Sydney if that's where Dave gets a job?

Catherine said...

Jennifer -

The Lone Pine Sanctuary is a place that we want to take the kids. I think that's a good idea - regardless of what we do in the end here with Sydney. I expect that we'll be back through Brisbane - that's the way we have to come to go back to the US at least. We do want to take the kids to see the koalas there.

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