15 July 2014

Little Tallow Beach - the "Secret Beach"

On Friday, I took the kids to see if we could find the "secret beach". It's located in the Bouddi National Park, next to Tallow Beach, but the trail is not easy to find.  The beach is very small.  There is a small waterfall flowing down to the beach.  The peace of the place was only interrupted by the whirring blades of a helicopter searching for the missing 5 year old boy, who was swept off Pearl Beach the day before.

Little Tallow Beach from above

Tristan near small waterfall

Waterfall on "secret beach"

View of Little Tallow Beach

View towards Pearl Beach where
5 year old boy was swept away on Thursday

07 July 2014

Taronga Zoo on a Winter's Day July 2014

It's the NSW school holidays, so I took the younger children to the Taronga Zoo.  My plans to go last week were put on hold do to illness in the household.  First Zoe, then Tristan and finally Neo were each sick. Zoe required antibiotics and missed 3 days of school.  Everyone has returned to health, thankfully.

We endeavored to see different displays, and we were successful.  The highlight of the day was the QBE Free Flight Bird Show.  The California Condor, with a wingspan of 3 metres, flew directly over our heads (and quite low).  We also sat along the side where the white doves landed in the nearby tree.  Lovely.
Tasmanian Devil


Victoria Crowned Pigeon.
This bird is both beautiful, and large.

Sydney Opera House
as seen from the Taronga Zoo Ferry

Sydney Harbour Bridge
as viewed from Taronga Zoo