09 December 2008

South to Sydney!

We have been looking for accommodations here in Queensland to stay over for Christmas. We either cannot find anything OR it's extremely expensive - we're talking $2000/week!

So, given all that, we're going to begin our trip down to Sydney! The plan is that we'll arrive in about 1 week, find a permanent rental, then settle in and wait for Dave's start date - which has been moved back to 12 January. The biggest problem with this plan is that the rent in Sydney is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE then in Brisbane. While we were looking at $450/WEEK here. Sydney is more like $800/WEEK. In addition, the companies require a 4 week bond PLUS 2 weeks rent in advance.

I rented a 2nd car for 8 days. That will be our "pack" car. It will have suitcases and room for 1 child, possibly. The rest of the stuff will be in the van along with most of the children.

Dave's contract didn't arrive today, as hoped - it was sent express mail. So he'll have to wait for it to arrive tomorrow. In the morning, we'll get the car from the airport. Pack it full. Then the kids and I will head out in advance of Dave. The mail arrives around 3:30pm. He said he doesn't mind traveling without a break - and we'll probably need to take many.

It could be tricky coming up with reservations along the way - even for 1 night in hotels. I just spent 20 minutes searching for something about 120 miles down the coast....many required multiple days. Most don't accommodate the entire family. I finally found a little cabin in Ballina. Hopefully it will be nice.

Considering that this is our last night in Queensland, we'll get our favorite pizza. Also, I went around and took pictures of the lovely Queenslander Houses in Shorncliffe. I'll have to post the pictures later.

It's a really hot and muggy day today - 32 degrees - which is over 90. I've heard more then 1 radio commentator call these kind of days: "Stinkers".

Got to get packing!

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