14 December 2008

Port Macguarie to Terrigal

On Saturday morning, we found a holiday rental for 1 week in Terrigal. So we had about the same length of drive as Friday.

Fortunately, this stretch of road was much better - it was a divided 4 lane highway. The scenery included tall mountains with bits of cloud dropping down into the treetops. It was majestic and inspiring.

We made really good time and stopped for lunch just before the New Castle byway. We arrived in Terrigal about 2pm.

Terrigal is a wonderful little beach community. Fairly small and beach oriented. The ocean is clear, and blue.

We have a 3 storey townhouse. With 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The main floor contains all the kitchen, living, dining. A bedroom on each level.

Sunday was our day of rest. We didn't get in the car - except Clara and I to gather provisions from the local mall. There were many stores there. And there were many Christmas shoppers too. No sign of a recession at that mall.

In the morning, the whole family walked along the beach in Terrigal. Later, the kids swam in the pool.


LizzyT said...

Hi Catherine, you are staying in the area we visited a couple of years ago. I have relatives in Wyong and that is the area we will be heading for. The Entrance is a great place to see the pelicans getting fed. Amy loved that when we were there. Take care. Janet.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the tip, Janet. Is there a certain time of day the pelicans get fed? We'll have to check it out.

We may well be living here when you arrive.

LizzyT said...

Sorry can't help you with the times. In the afternoon,I think, but will check with my aunt. The Central Coast area is lovely, but close enough to Sydney to visit. We went to Sydney several times on the train and in the car when we were there. The Blue Mountains are amazing too.