23 December 2008

Christmas Eve Day

Today is Christmas Eve Day. It was a very busy day for me. This morning I made calls to get the utilities converted to us. We discovered yesterday that there's a phone in the house that is run by Telstra. Our agent advised us that we could get faster internet installation service if we use Telstra and Big Pond. So I made a call to Telstra to get that installed. Later, I was out buying things necessary to set up house (and a few Christmas presents). I bought plates, silverware, cups, glasses, garbage can, dish drainer, etc. A lot of the stuff you need to "run a household". I didn't buy bedding or pots/pans because the day after Christmas - called Boxing Day here - there are some really good sales on those things.

Yesterday, we went down to Macmasters Beach for the first time. It's a lovely beach. It has one of the best rock pools in the area. We arrived at low tide. Clara said she saw a puffer fish in the rock pool. Tristan found a Japanese jellyfish....very small body with very long tentacles. There is no "downtown" like in other communities. It shares the cove with Copacabana. The beaches merge together, although there's no road between them due to Cochrane Lake. We found out that the lake is a natural lake. I've included a few photos of Macmasters Beach.

Right now it's 5:30pm. Dave is at the house to meet the furniture delivery. He just called to say the washer is a tad too large for the space in the laundry room, so a new washer will have to be delivered next week. Houses are not rented with refrigerators included here in Australia. Fortunately for us, the owner left a refrigerator in the garage and the estate agent said we could use it. Hopefully the delivery crew will be willing to help Dave get it into the house.

We plan to have our Christmas meal tonight. Tomorrow we'll go to the house for gift opening - Santa delivers to the correct address! On Friday, we'll do packing and moving. Maybe even stay in the house for the first time Friday night. If not then Saturday for sure, since we have to be out by Saturday here.

I hope all are enjoying a happy holiday season.

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