17 February 2013

End of School Year 2012

The new school year 2013 has begun, yet I haven't shared all the excitement from the end of the last school year.

Southern Leaf-tail Gecko 
Tristan ran for Prefect at his school.  To be a candidate, he had to complete an application.  Then he had to write and present a speech to the entire student body.  Finally, he had to create a campaign poster.  There were a large number of candidates.  Even though Tristan was not elected, we are very proud of his willingness to run for Office at the highest level.

Tristan was 1 of 2 representatives chosen to attend Gosford Selective school's Science day in December.  He really enjoyed the day with several different science projects.

Tristan received an award for completing the Junior Division Math Olympiads.  He also received a special achievement award for his "Outstanding Effort and Improvement in Mathematical Problem Solving" from the Mathematical Olympiads.  Tristan received this award because his teachers submitted his name to the international organization Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads Inc

Clara came in First Place of all Year 9 students in both Visual Arts and in Photography.  In addition, she won the competition in her year to create the best promotional brochure.

Clara spent the last weeks of this school year completing a painting for entry into the VISION art competition to be held at the Gosford Regional Art Gallery in March.  Only 80 students are chosen from all Central Coast High Schools to have their art displayed.

At her school assembly, Clara earned an End of Year Merit Certificate for: "First Place Year 9 Photography, First Place Year 9 Visual Arts, Consistent Effort in Year 9 Mathematics; Consistent Effort in Year 9 History; Consistent Effort in Year 9 History; Consistent Effort in Year 9 Marine Studies; Attitude and Industry in Year 9 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

At the beginning of this year, we are invited to "Evening of Excellence" on 20 February where Clara will be awarded for her high achievement.

We are very proud of all of our children's achievements, but especially Tristan and Clara in these recent months.  To another successful school year for all.