31 October 2008

Halloween 2008

What a wonderful Halloween the children and I enjoyed. First we met Grandma Sorenson in Milwaukee for a fun day at the Stone Fire Game place. Neo enjoyed playing with the trains,water area and ball area (3 stories!). Clara, Tristan, Zoe and Grandma played electronic games (skeet and "Deal or No Deal were favorites). We also enjoyed a wonderful buffet lunch!

When we returned home, it was just in time to join our neighbors for a walk around the neighborhood. Tristan played the part of a Ninja this year. Zoe was Snow White.
Neo was Thomas the Tank Engine. He did really well. He said "trick or treat", "thank you" and "Happy Halloween!"

Even Clara got in on a couple of houses. She saw our neighbors Margaret and Jim. And Kelly. Kelly has a dog named Monet that Clara plays with regularly.

The temperature was perfect too! Even now it's reading 50 - and this after we had snow flurries a few days ago!

Happy Halloween to all! (I don't think they have Halloween in Australia.)

21 October 2008

Halloween Preview

Zoe put on her Halloween costume for all to see. She's Snow White! It might be the only time she wears it this Halloween. In all previous years, she has only worn costumes in anticipation of Halloween - never for any of the Halloween events.

17 October 2008

We have our VISA!!


After more then 6 months of waiting, our VISAS have been granted!! I just mailed the passports out to get the entry stamps.

Dave flies out on 18 November and arrives in Brisbane Australia on the morning of 20 November.

The children and I fly out on 21 November, and play a few days in Los Angeles. We thought it would be best to break up the flights. Then we board the plane for the long flight (14 hours) at midnight on 23 November. Hopefully everyone will be comfortable and sleep.

We decided to stay at Shorncliff by the Sea - the smaller unit with train access. There seems to be a lot for the kids to do outdoors at that rental too, so hopefully it won't be too hot! Also we can take the train for day trips.

I'll post more as it goes!

14 October 2008

Flights Booked!!!

Wow! We've booked our flights! Dave is leaving on Tuesday, November 18. He departs from Madison about 4:30pm arrives in Los Angeles about 9:30pm. The flight for Brisbane, Queensland, Australia leaves LAX at 11:50pm. He'll arrive in Brisbane at about 7:45am on Thursday, 20 November.

We rented a little 3 bedroom house near the ocean. It's in a little town called Shorncliffe. The house is small, but it's across the street from the Ocean and a play park for the kids. I think they'll really love that. Plus it's only 5 minute walk to the train - and I'd like to take the train to see the area - less getting lost.

Our renters have signed the agreement for the House. We think we have someone lined up who will care for our cat, Fiona while we're away. Now I have to get the house sorted and packed. Tie up some loose ends. And we'll be off!

So the clock begins ticking.

07 October 2008

Australia Dreaming

Today is 7 October, 2008!

Well, it's been quite a long time since I've posted in Neo's blog!

Neo is now 23 months old and doing very well! He loves letters and knows quite a few on sight. He also sings the alphabet!

Zoe is in Kindergarten. She goes to school 1/2 days. I pick her up at 11:30. She doesn't like the unorganized parts of the day ie recess. Especially the lunch recess when all of the 1st grade and all of the Kindergarten classes are out for recess.

Tristan just turned 8 and is in the 2nd grade. I really like his teacher...and so does he.

Clara is in Middle School this year - 6th grade. We haven't met her homeroom teacher, yet. Although I've tried on several occasions. I've met her band teacher and her other primary subjects teacher.

We applied for a permanent resident visa to migrate to Australia 6 months ago (2 April). We have turned in all of our paperwork and are waiting for approval. At this point, we are seriously considering just going to Australia as tourists. In order to do that, we'll need a renter for our home. So we're all systems go looking for a renter. We want to take advantage of Quanta's sale - so we have until Oct 17 to find a renter and get the tickets. Otherwise, we'll go through another winter here in our snug little house.