15 December 2008

Sydney's Northern Beaches

On Monday 15 December, we rent to see some rentals in Sydney's Northern Beaches suburbs.

We had a lunch of fish and chips and vegetarian pizza for Dave - the roasted pumpkin pizza wasn't as nice as the one from Il Forin in Sandgate. We sat in a park in Collaroy/Dee Why. The surf was amazing. I have included some pictures of the Rock Pool. And the foaming surf on that day. I asked a local if it was unusually high, and she confirmed that it was. Even still, we saw many surfers riding the waves.

The drive to Sydney from Terrigal on the 1 required us to go from the coast up the mountains. The climb was so steep, that our ears were popping. Dave calls the climb/descent "the chute". Tristan said he saw a waterfall on our way out.

We saw a beautifully furnished 3 bedroom 1st floor apartment in Dee Why. It was too small for our family. Some of the features included a glass wall that opened up to the balcony. Amazing! It also had a 2 car parking area where the first car was driven onto a hoist, then lifted and the 2nd car was driven into the stall below. Wild.

We also saw a 4 bedroom house in Freshwater - not impressed.

Over all, our time in Sydney's Northern Beaches proved to us that it's not our "cup of tea". We'll be spending the rest of the week actively looking for a home to rent in Terrigal and other suburbs of the Central Coast.

Please revisit some of the earlier posts about our trip to Sydney, I've added photos. The first entry are of Surfer's Paradise Beach. The 2nd day are pictures of Park Beach. There are also some pictures of the old growth RainForest that I took while we were driving. Overall, the trip was about 1000 km long, and much of the roads were winding, hilly, 2 lane highway.

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