25 January 2012

Harry Potter Expo @ Power House Museum

As we entered the HP Expo

We were fortunate to be able to view the Harry Potter Exposition at the Power House Museum in Sydney. It was a wonderful display. Very interactive.

Flying car!

Neo was "sorted" by the Sorting Hat while we waited for our turn to enter the exhibit. When Neo was asked which house he thought he'd fit into, he shrugged. Big Brother Tristan tried to help out by calling "Slytheren". Neo then said "Star Trek". Everyone laughed. After the Sorting Hat, we were treated to a timeline from the movies. Which ended in a cloud of "smoke" and we were ushered past the "Hogwarts Express" by the train engineer. Very realistic effects.

After viewing the HP Exhibit

We saw all the wands. The horcruxes, robes and clothing for various characters. We saw HP's and Ron's bunk room. We were even able to "re-pot" the baby Mandrakes. Neo even managed to get the quaffle into the goal hoops a few times. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed.

Prior to our timed admittance into the HP Expo, we were free to explore the rest of the Power House Museum. Even with the renovation in full swing, there was much to see. We saw the International Space Station model. It was interesting to learn that there is no washing machine in the Space Station, instead the clothing is disposed up - to be burned upon re-entry. We learned a lot about electricity.

It was the first day of Chinese New Year 2012. The year of the Dragon with the Water symbol. Tristan is a Dragon (metal). We walked through a part of Sydney's China Town on the way to the museum. We saw the recently repainted Kimber Lane with it's whimsical blue clouds and cherubs.

The Water Dragon came for a visit at the Power House Museum too. Neo was especially thrilled.

恭喜发财 Wishes for Prosperity in this Year of the Dragon!

10 January 2012

Time Capsule

On Zoe's 9th birthday, our belonging from the US were delivered to our residence in Australia. It was like opening a time capsule. Among the packed boxes were photo albums from my childhood. Photos and keepsakes from my children's baby years. There were paintings and pictures the children had made. Dave's ceramics from his college days. All survived the trip.

The time capsule was not limited to saved mementos. The boxes were packed in 2010 and stored for 1 year before arriving in Sydney. The toys and other personal effects reflected who the children and we were back then.

It was especially poignant to open my grandma Polansky's jewelry box to find the early 1900s birthday card my grandma Sorenson had given to me years ago. Zoe said, "It's like it was given to me on my birthday." Yes. All the way through the generations.