03 December 2008

Our Shorncliffe Holiday House

Just thought I'd take a moment to describe our Holiday House here in Shorncliffe. It's all on one level - with 3 bedrooms. The house is across from the ocean - Moora Park - and there's an "upper" and "lower" playground, as we've come to call them. There's a wrap around deck the takes in the back and side of the house. There's a small porch that's a stand alone that comes off the living room on the other side of the house. There are no screens on the windows. There are ceiling fans in most of the rooms - but there are some days when it's hot and steamy - and we could use the relief of air conditioning. The good news is, there's always a breeze off the water. And generally when it gets hot, that means that it will storm and cool things off again. The bathtub is the bottom of the shower. It can fit each of the 3little kids if they sit on diagonial. The toilet has a 2 button flush. If it's a regular flush - it's a 1/2 water flush. If you need more power, you push the other button for full flush. Quite a good idea, I think. Almost every house has signs that indicate that tank water is in use. Which means they have cisterns. Most of the roofs are metal. A few are tile. There are solar panels - but generally to heat water. Our rental also has a washer - with a solar dryer - aka a clothesline.

Dave did fly out to Sydney yesterday.

Yesterday was a rather breathless morning for me. I took Neo before 8 to get to our mailbox to see if the bank cards were there so Dave would have them for Sydney. By the time I arrived there, it was after 9. Then Dave wanted me to have my own cell phone so I went across to a store - but they didn't open until 10. The frustrating thing about the cell phone was that I couldn't get it registered and use it because the system was down. It took me over 4 hours to get that straightened out. When I got home at 12 noon, Dave was waiting at the window because he had to jump on the train to get to the airport. As it turned out, the plane was delayed.

Dave called from Sydney to say that he thought his interview went well. He also said that Sydney is BIG!!! Everyone we have spoken with say that it's expensive and that the North Beaches are the most liveable. He told me he's not sure about it in general....and he thinks there might still be a possibility with Brisbane. He did like the cooler weather - about 70 - 23 according to the weather report while we had hot and steamy - about 90 (32) and humid because we had a wild storm overnight.

Since Dave wasn't sounding very sure, I ran to get the application for the house that I wanted to rent turned in. I called first to ask about it - and they assured me I should come to Redcliffe right away to turn it in. In the end, they didn't accept it because I didn't have Dave's passport. He has it in Sydney. They did tell me that there are no other applicants. So that makes things easier for us.

We have another week at the Holiday House - so we'll see what develops next week....

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