28 November 2009

Thanksgiving Visitor

Dave's mom, Grandma Stallman, came for a visit on Tuesday 24 November. She had some difficulties with unreliable aircraft on the way out, so her flights were changed and delayed....and her bag was lost. Her bag was delivered Tuesday night.

We enjoyed grocery shopping in preparation for Thanksgiving meal on Thursday 26 November. On turkey day, we worked together to create the Thanksgiving feast - including a turkey and a tofurky. Everything was delicious!

On Black Friday, I got up early to score a good deal on a new digital camera and other gifts. Clara came with me. The lines were incredibly long just to enter the Target store at 5:15 am - and the store had been open for 15 minutes already. Grandma gave each of the children money for Christmas and they spent it before the day was through. Grandma got to see the gifts they chose for themselves.

We went to Olbrich gardens as a family. It's a beautiful place and was a nice outing.

Grandma left for home early Saturday morning. She didn't have any trouble on the way back.