04 December 2012

Cape Barren Goose
Zoe & Neo at Remarkable Rocks
Willoughby Lighthouse

First Echidna I've seen in the wild
Kangaroo Island is amazing!  The number and variety of animals was one aspect we enjoyed.  The beauty and diversity of the landscape/seascape another.
Dave enjoying the view from our Holiday House

We stayed at the best holiday house - Dolphins Encounter in Penneshaw.  The views of the ocean were wonderful.  A pod of dolphins swam past everyday.  We enjoyed watching them play and feed in the crystal clear blue waters.

Penneshaw is home to a Little Penguin colony.  We went 2 different nights to witness the little penguins returning to land after a day at sea to feed and care for the chicks on land.  The Little Penguin is in decline for many reasons - human and sea lion.  The sea lion population on Kangaroo Island is growing.  We saw Little Penguins dashing across the road.  We also saw chicks outside their nest awaiting the return of the parent.

Dave at the "Remarkable Rocks"
Dave, Tristan, Neo & Zoe at Admirals Arch
We drove 3 hours from Penneshaw to Flinders National Park where we saw the "Remarkable Rocks" and "Admirals Arch" where seals congregate.  Three different species of seals were present at Admirals Arch: Australian Sea Lion, New Zealand Fur Seals, Australian Fur Seal.  

The discovery of KI grabbed my imagination.  Matthew Flinders, who circumnavigated and mapped Australia for England, found it a welcome refuge.  His ship crossed paths with Baudin, on a expedition for France - while their countries were at war back home. A crew member on Baudin's ship carved a message on a rock while waiting for the water barrels to fill.  That message was written in 1802 and still exists today.

We took the ferry back to the mainland.  We enjoyed the 40 minute drive through vineyards to Adelaide.  
Giant Water Lily at Botanic Gardens

Gorilla finger statue outside Adelaide Zoo
Clara, Tristan & Neo at The Beach House
In Adelaide we stayed in the suburb Glenelg.  We took the tram to the CBD.  We walked through the Botanic Gardens.  We went to the Adelaide zoo.  The kids enjoyed Saturday morning at The Beach House.  Our week trip was over too soon and we were back on the plane for Sydney and work/school.  

Dave enjoyed another week stay cation in a quiet house.