12 December 2008

The Queenslander

I had promised to post some pictures of the Queenslander style of house. The story goes that in Queensland, the early settlers were looking for something that could get them away from the bugs and other crawlies while capturing the ocean breezes. So these houses are often high, even on a hill, with wide verandas and porches.

These pictures are of houses in walking distance of our holiday house. There are some better specimens in other locations - but I didn't think about photographing them until I realized I might not be seeing them again....because of our Sydney move.

I had to post the picture of the tree - isn't it amazing!


jeannie said...

Hi there! Missed your goodbye and you just up and left. I was very busy with construction and the campaign. Pictures look great and i am sure you are all loving it. How long can you stay? Enjoy! Jeannie Roberts

David said...

Hi Jeannie -

We are giving this a try to see if we would like to live here. We have return tickets for July.