21 December 2008

Home for Christmas!!

Front of our MacMasters Beach House

It finally happened! We were accepted on not one but two applications that we had made. We had a difficult decision to make. Each of the properties had good and bad points. In the end, we went with the more beautiful, but more remote house.

Our new address is: MacMasters Beach, NSW 2251 I can provide the specific house address to individual inquires, as this is a public blog. We are very relieved and happy to be done with the property viewing phase of this process.

We will be moving in on Christmas Eve day! We have rented new furniture to be delivered on Wednesday. We'll sign the lease tomorrow (Tuesday). Talk about taking it down to the wire!

The house sits across the road from Cockrone Lake. Just down the road 300 meters is MacMasters Beach. We haven't seen this beach, yet. It will be a fun explore.

I was the only one to see the house on Sunday, so it will be interesting for everyone else to see it for the first time.

Looking forward to receiving mail, getting settled, finding out about the schools, etc. Here's where the adventure turns into normal living. We welcome the transition.


LizzyT said...

Hi Catherine, I am so pleased to see you have found somewhere to stay and it looks lovely. Sorry to read you are feeling homesick. I am sure that is normal and that it will pass. Happy Christmas to you and your family. Janet.

Catherine said...

Thanks, Lizzy. We think the house is very nice. We've always wanted a wrap around porch. This has lovely gardens as well.
Being homesick has passed. We are all in good spirits now. I think it is normal considering the length of time we've been living out of suitcases and that it is the time of year for family and friends. We are very happy to have a place to call home!