18 July 2012

Winter School Holidays - 2012

School in Australia is 4 terms x 9 - 10 weeks with 2 weeks off between terms.  The children have just returned to school for Term 3.  Our Winter Holidays were close to home.

On Monday of the first week, Clara had her cast removed.  YAY!   She had her first Physical Therapy (called Physio here) appointment that afternoon.  On Friday, she had her first Hydro Therapy appointment, back at Gosford Private Hospital, where she had her surgery.

The cast is being cut away.  The saw only
rocks back and forth.  It's attached to
a shop vac to remove the dust.
Clara in Hydro Therapy

Zoe and Neo created new stuffed animals with Stufflers.

We went to Wyong Fun Festival.  The boys are eating Fairy Floss!

Dave at the Surf Club Cafe for our Saturday morning coffee
and Whale Watching.  We've enjoyed seeing several migrating
Whales this winter.  Some viewed from the house.

Blankets to snuggle in
at the outdoor cafes in winter.
In Winter, the outdoor cafes are still outdoor - with portable heaters and blankets.

The following Monday we went to Sydney to see Narnia Exhibition (Clara stayed home to rest her leg).  Neo made a shield.

Neo with his shield.

 We also went on the monorail for the treasure hunt.  It was a lot of fun.  We discovered more about Sydney by participating in the treasure hunt.  Dave told me that the monorail has been sold and will be dismantled soon.  Another good reason to have ridden the Monorail.

Because the monorail is elevated, it provides a different perspective for viewing Sydney.  It stops right outside of the 2nd floor of Queen Victoria Building (QVB) - a very posh address for shops in Sydney's CBD.  Dave had recommended we see it.  There's a statue of Queen Victoria out front - and her dog as well.  
Sushi restaurant we discovered (yummy) due to the treasure hunt!
Neo loved the conveyor that brought the dishes around.

Inside Queen Victoria Building
Tristan liked the havaianas vending machine :)

Promotion for The Dark Knight Rises
The car used in the movie
We took Clara to Powerhouse Museum and Paddy's Markets on Wednesday.  We enjoyed dumplings in China Town.

Friday, we saw BRAVE in the movie theatre....$56 for 1 adult and 4 children - which was a special rate.  The movie is great!  I highly recommend it.
Queen Victoria's little dog Islay
He was painted many times by her.
He now collects money for deaf children.