11 December 2008

Journey to Sydney

Thursday morning, we took Dave to the rental car place to pick up the luggage vehicle I had rented. Then bank, food for the road, lunch and the kids and I left. We stopped at Surfer's Paradise and played in the amazing surf!!! It was wild and beautiful.

We continued down the road to Byron Bay. Along the way we saw some exciting signs like watch for Koalas and kangaroos!! Thrilling!!! We didn't see any, though.

The kids and I stopped at Byron Bay to get supper. Then drove the back roads to our little trailer overnight here in Ballina - it's pronounced BELL ina. The Ocean Vistas were STUNNING!!!

Even along the Pacific Hwy, there were many amazing sights - mountains and glimpses of ocean.

Dave had to wait for the contract that was arriving by express mail. But he was on his way by 2:30 and actually beat us to Ballina - he didn't stop at all.

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