04 December 2008


I finally realized how I can upload pictures at the library. I saw the person next to me using a thumb drive. So I uploaded the pictures from my camera to my laptop at home then moved them onto the thumb drive. So go back through the posts and see the pictures from around Australia.

These pictures are from the South Beach Parklands. It's chlorinated water. It sits right along the Brisbane River on the South Bank of Brisbane. It's actually well photographed. There's also a water sprinkler nearby, I'm told, but we didn't get that far.


LizzyT said...

Hi Catherine, the pictures are lovely, you have great kids. I am in the UK sat looking out of the window at a very heavy, grey sky and it is freezing. The weather over there looks lovely. Janet

Catherine said...

Janet -

Thanks for your lovely comment.

It's been hot and muggy....until today. We finally have a nice day.

Continue to enjoy or blog.