28 November 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Pelican getting directions from the local police

27 November is the correct date - but the year ??
I thought it was very economical of the City to reuse the banner.

Thanksgiving in Australia is just another work day. We did not make a special meal on Thursday, but we did express good wishes to many in honor of the day.

On Saturday, Clara, Neo and I went to Gosford to take part in the parade featuring Mr & Mrs. Claus. There were rides and special activities at the park following the parade.

Gosford's celebrated Town Crier.

Neo with Koala from the Marching Band.

There were free bouncy rides and music too. The day was very sunny and hot. We stood in line to have a chance inside the snow globe. The plastic snow was fun to throw.

On Sunday, we met up with a family formerly from Madison, WI. They moved to Melbourne a month before we returned to Australia. They were in the Central Coast for a half-marathon. It was nice chatting with them and comparing notes.

There is snow at Christmas in Australia. :)

Neo and Benjamin had fun together on Sunday

26 November 2010

Celebrating Tristan's Birthday

Z, T & N enjoying the slip n slide a few days before the party

Since most of my children's birthday's are in the late fall or winter in the northern hemisphere, I've always opted for a birthday party away from home. This year, the birthdays land in late spring and summer, and we have a nice yard and pool. Invite a few friends over, have food and drink....easy!

More slip n slide fun

Tristan had a good time, and so did the boys and their siblings. It was a beautiful day, defying the forecast for rain. The rain did arrive - just as we were picking up - perfect timing!

Tristan with friends in the pool, celebrating his 10th birthday

07 November 2010

Our First Halloween in Australia

Neo in his "Fancy Dress"

Neo going down the inflatable slide at the Gosford fest

We were not sure what to expect for Halloween in Australia. But there wasn't much missing, from what we have experienced. The candy is more gory: eyeball rings, gummy body parts, etc. Personally, I prefer the miniature candy bars. Pumpkins were available in some of the stores: $25 each! At that price, we didn't get a pumpkin to carve. But I did buy one after Halloween to turn it into pumpkin pie. Both Tristan and I were missing pumpkin pie.

Clara wanted to go Trick or Treating with her friends in 7th grade. I was rather amused by this, since she has not gone for the last 2 years due to being "too old". We did see some of her friends out in "fancy dress" as they went around the neighborhood to collect their lollies.

Tristan's friend, Raun, riding the mechanical bull

On Saturday, 30 October, I took the kids to the Gosford Business Trick or Treat and Midday Monster Mash. Here are some pictures from the event. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=25949&id=100000835981286 The children went around to the businesses to collect candy and stamps on a map. When we returned to the party, Neo went on the inflatable slide several times. Clara hung with her friends. It was a warm afternoon. Many were wearing costumes ie in fancy dress.

On Sunday, Copacabana public school held a Monster Fete (pronounced Fate) i.e. festival. There were several game stalls: Chocolate, Chupa pops, fire fighters, cakes, fairy floss, snow cones, and rides. I bought arm bands for unlimited rides for Neo and Zoe. Neo used his. Zoe less so. Clara helped out at the face painting table. Several of her friends were there from the high school.
Fairy Floss!

I worked at the Haunted House for an hour. Just prior to my shift, Neo wanted to go into the haunted house, but it was too scary for him. Tristan took Neo around to the stalls and they ate lollies while I was working.

The Fete ended at 4:30. On our way back to the car, we saw the kids in Fancy Dress going around for trick or treat. It was kind of weird seeing them without winter coats, with the sun....

Inflatable obstacle course at the Copa PS Monster Fete

There was talk on our street about having trick or treaters, but none stopped by. We didn't go out. Our kids didn't seem too interested.