22 November 2006


Some have mentioned that Neo looks like Tristan did as a baby. Here's Tristan (in the yellow) at about 3 days old and Zoe (wearing white) at two days old for comparison purposes.

4 Days

Neo is 4 days old and there are changes in his face already. Here are a couple of pictures. Neo is a good baby. He's the first baby I've had to wake to feed at 4 hours - although it only happened once.

19 November 2006

Pics with Sibs

These pictures of Neo with big Sisters Clara & Zoe and Big Brother Tristan were taken Sunday, November 19 at noon. Neo is 2 days old.


Neo Edward Vincent Smith was born on Friday, November 17, 2006 at 2:55 pm. We are very happy :) You can view his announcement on the hospital website - Meriter.com Go to Baby Mail link and type 3722VE

16 November 2006

Non Stress

Here he is. This is a picture of Neo taken today, November 16, 2006. We had the amniotic fluid measured - and it's fine. He also had a Non Stress Test and he checks out fine. Even though there have not been any contractions to mention - 3 or 4 at a time 15 minutes apart at night only - I'm dialated to 4-5CM and ready to go. The Midwife thinks that tonight if I have my contractions again, that will put me "over the edge" and I'll be in labor and delivery tomorrow. If not, we can go in tomorrow, Friday, November 17th for a kick start to the labor. It looks like his birthdate will be November 17th - Fridays Child. The poem says: Fridays child is loving and giving

14 November 2006

1 Week

It's official, Neo is just like his older brother and sister - taking an "extra" week. He knows a good thing when he has it and he doesn't wish to change his residence. There have been no signs that he his preparing an exit anytime soon - although the rest of the household is ready and waiting.....and waiting....and waiting....

10 November 2006

November 10th

Look at this weather! Isn't this just perfect to have a baby in? We're supposed to get about 2 inches of snow tonight. Plus our phone is dead - so that's surely another sign.

03 November 2006


Today is November 3, 2006. We are patiently waiting for Neo to decide the date he wishes to be born. Neo's due date is November 7 - just 4 days from now. However his older brother and sister each took an extra week to make their appearances. So we'll see if he follows suit. :)