31 May 2009

Christmas in July?

Yesterday Tristan asked, "Since it's winter, will Christmas arrive soon?"

22 May 2009

A Great Storm

Wow! It's been really stormy and rainy for this last week. Since we've lived here, there have been two other weeks where it rained off and on for 7 days. Those storms were different - this one is much more intense. The wind from this storm is so strong that there are waves on the lagoon!

This storm extends up to Brisbane. The news reported that Brisbane had received a year's worth of rain in 3 days! With that much rain, there's been flooding. There have been evacuations in towns in northern New South Wales (our state).

The winds really whip - so our Wisconsin minds think "cold". But the temperatures have been really very moderate - even warmer then weeks prior to this. This late autumn, we purchased a space heater because it's been cold at night - 50 is the low. But the coldest night temperature has been about 55 during the storm.

13 May 2009

Macmasters Beach and Copacabana Beach Surf Pictures

My friend Jennefer took these awesome pictures of the surf from Macmasters Beach and Copacabana Beach yesterday (May 13, 2009). She has given me permission to share them with you. These pictures are stunning...in part because of the skill of the photographer and because of the beauty that surrounds us here. Jennefer took 39 pictures of the beach. To see the rest, just follow this link http://picasaweb.google.nl/BartenJennefer/Surf?feat=directlink#5335264784841144802 Enjoy!

Australian Autumn

The Brisbane Waters/Woy Woy Girls Regional Soccer Team shakes hands with their opponents after a match at Putney Oval

Sorry I've been so long away from the Blog! Once the kids got back into school, we've been quite busy with their activities.

Clara played goalie in the last game...nothing much going on - see the birds

On 30 April, Clara played 5 soccer games in a row as a representative of the Brisbane Waters/Woy Woy regional girls soccer team. She had to leave the house at 6:15am to make it to the game location in Putney, a suburb of Sydney. Her schoolmate and friend also made the team. Her mother could drive the girls there, but could not bring Clara back. So after I got the other children off to school, I drove to Putney. It was a beautiful park. Clara's team placed 3rd of the 6 teams that played. Her friend was chosen to be on the Sydney North team which will go on to play at the State level. Congratulations to Clara for making it as far as she did. We're very proud of her.

Neo inside the Sydney Opera House - Harbour side.

On 4 May, Zoe and Tristan went with their school to see "The Little Mermaid" at the Sydney Opera House. They went by bus and had to be to school by 7:20am. Neo and I took the train and met them there. It was a beautiful autumn day! The performance was not what I expected. Nothing visual for the children - just lights, occasionally, and the narrator with a scarf as a prop! There was a 13 piece orchestra to accompany. The story did not follow the Disney script either.

Inside the Harbourside of the Opera House

I've never been inside the Sydney Opera House before. The performance was in the Concert Hall - the smaller theatre. The most amazing feature of the Sydney Opera House is the bathroom! Really, it was an amazing design.

Bathroom sinks at the Sydney Opera House

Following the performance, the school children had lunch in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Neo and I caught the train to Wynnum station and had lunch with Dave. It was nice to see his corner of Sydney - and the famous Pitt Street.

ANZAC Memorial near Pitt Street, Sydney.

Tristan with the kids from Copa school performing @ Mother's Day Extravaganza

There was a Mother's day stall at school on Thursday, May 7. Each classroom was escorted to the hall where many gifts were wrapped in clear wrappings. The children could chose a gift for their mom to give her on mother's day. Each gift was $6. Gifts ranged from tea cups to teddy bears, to toe nail and finger nail kits, and of course chocolate. It was well done. I gave Zoe and Tristan money. Tristan said he didn't find anything to his liking. Zoe gave me a toenail kit - so our nails are beautiful now.

Zoe making her Mother's day craft (flower)

On Friday 8th of May, there was the Mother's Day extravaganza at school. It began with a tea and scone. The scone was delicious - but I only had 1 bite as Zoe claimed 1/2 of it and Neo claimed the other! LOL Then the children gathered together for a short performance by the Kindergarten to Year 3 students. It was very sweet. Then the moms went to the classrooms to help with a special mother's day art project. Lovely.

Tristan with his finished Mother's day craft