02 February 2014


A long awaited goal has been obtained, we're dual citizens, Australians and Americans.

September 11th was our test day in Sydney at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.  After all the documents were approved, the remaining hurdle was the ceremony.  I had to make 3 applications: 2 online for Dave with kids and me; 1 via post because Clara had turned 16 and no online form is available.

Clara was fortunate to be called in for her citizenship ceremony in Sydney in December.  There were 40 people at Clara's ceremony.
Clara with Citizenship Document
This worked well for her travel to the US as our Permanent Resident visa for re-entry into Australia had expired.

The other family members' citizenship ceremony happened on Australia Day, 26 January - the National holiday. It was held at Laycock Theatre in Gosford (our local council).  There were 120 people from 21 different countries becoming Australians together.  The gathering included several political representatives and the families and friends of those becoming citizens.

Each new citizen was called up on stage individually, children included.  When a row of candidates were on stage, they said the oath together.  Then each were given a Lilli Pilli tree and an Australian Flag.

The ceremony lasted 2 hours.  Afterward, the enrollment board collected our registrations to vote (compulsory in Australia).  Even Clara is registered to vote, even though she cannot vote until she's 18.  There was a lovely reception.

With Gosford Mayor Lawrie McKinna

The local paper, The Express Advocate, interviewed me for an article - profile of a new citizen.

Later that evening, Zoe and Neo were in the Woy Woy lantern parade.  Then we watched the fireworks to complete the celebrations.