21 November 2008

Legoland 21 Nov - Friday

As predicted, Neo woke up early! 4:45 CA time (6:45 WI time). So I didn't get much rest. He was content to sit with me with the TV on while I continued to rest for a short while. Then wanted to go view the fishes downstairs. They were serving breakfast by that time and Tristan and Zoe were both up (6am CA time). So we dressed and went down.

The breakfast was AWESOME!!! They had cooked to order eggs, bacon, sausage, omelets, hashbrowns and pancakes. There was also cereal, fruit, coffee, juices, pastries. WOW. The kids and I were amazed.

After breakfast, we worked the contents of the bags some more. We left about 40 lbs of clothing and shoes that we decided we won't need in Australia. Then we moved the 6 large bags onto the luggage cart and left those in the hotel storage. The carseats, stroller and carryon luggage came with us back to LAX to get the rental car.

While at the rental car place, the children were given balloon animals to play with while I did the paperwork and received directions, etc. They really had a good time playing with the sword balloons. We also had a snack while we waited. Finally the van was ready. We were finally on the road by 11am.

It took over an hour to get to Legoland. We received our AAA discount and an unexpected discount. Legoland is offering a free 2nd day for each 1 day ticket purchased. So we bought 1 day passes and received 2nd day free. That's nice since we only had 3 hours to go through Legoland today.

It was a perfect day for touring. Not hot at all. Crowds were light. Here are some photos.

After Legoland closed at 5, we found our hotel. Then went to the nearby subway for supper. When we returned to the hotel, I set the kids up with TinkerBell. Neo and I went right to bed. It was 6:30. The kids came to bed at 8:30 and I woke up then. Later, the phone rang - I found out this AM was Dave but I couldn't wake up enough to look for it in the night.

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