06 November 2008

8 School Days Left

Told the children this morning that they have 8 school days left (7 for Clara because she has an extra day off). They have 2 days this week (Thurs & Fri) then 4 next week and 2 the following week!

We packed 2 small boxes with things to send ahead - mostly books - and we were told it could be $300 to ship to Australia! For that price, we'll just check another bag at the airport and pay the fees!

Dave switched his hours at work. They need coverage at night. So he's working from 1:30 pm to 10pm. He just has 7 days left. This week and next.

I'm checking things off my list. But I'm starting to stress. And now have a cold probably because of the stress.

Clara is having her last playdate with her friend Elena today. Tristan is to have a playdate with his friends Henry and Cole. Zoe had a playdate with Erin on Monday.

We're getting really close to closing the sale on a car in Australia. It's a Hyndai Trajet van.

I've got a few more hours of Asset Builders to get done. There's another conference this weekend I have to get finished up. Speaking of which, I need to get some work done!


TheHarriman Family said...

Hang in there! I think they say moves and only surpassed in stress by funerals! You will make it and it will be such an adventure!

judie said...

Wow, Catherine! What an undertaking for you & your family. Sounds like things are going well, & by the time you read this, you will probably be in Australia. We look forward to reading more of your blog once you've settled in. Keep in touch! Judie Ochsner

Catherine said...

Judie -

Great to hear from you! We're not in Australia, yet. We leave in 24 hours! I'll keep posting...hard to know when my first Blog will be from Australia because we don't have internet...but we'll find something at some time!