25 November 2008

Arrived in Brisbane

Today is Wednesday 26 November (Tuesday in US).

The children and I arrived a little before 8 am on Wednesday. The flight went much better then I had anticipated. Neo broke down and cried with 1 1/2 hours to go. I slept a lot. So did Zoe. I woke up hungry - but we had saved Neo's food from the night before and nibbled on that.

Once we landed, we were befriended by a flight attendant who took us around all the lines and helped us get our luggage. We are forever grateful for the wonderful assistance. People in line were coming around to see if they could get through too.

When we made it through, we changed into shorts, converted US dollars for Aussie dollars and found a taxi large enough for all of us.

Shorncliffe is very nice. The holiday rental we're in is all on one level and right across from the park. There's not much beach. But the kids are happy to explore. I took the car to Sandgate with Neo and we did some exploring there. We found the library and 3 real estate agents - so we'll find a permanent rental relatively soon.

Everywhere I go, I ask people about school. Turns out Shorncliffe is highly rated.
We might just stick to this area for our rental. We'll see.

This morning, the kids and I were up at 3am - except Clara. She didn't sleep much on the plane. Neo and I went on another explore...this time on the train. We're on the Famous Queen Street Mall. Neo's asleep and I'm at an internet kiosk. The rate is quite expensive and I cannot access our email for some reason...

I'll write again when I can.


LizzyT said...

Hi Catherine, I am so glad to hear you and your family have arrived safe and well. I look forward to reading your updates. Best Wishes Janet

TheHarriman Family said...

We are so glad that you arrived safely! I can't wait to see pictures of the area!