20 November 2008

Last Night at Home - 18 Nov to 19th

After we took Dave to the airport on the 18th, we went to the Shorewood School Book Fair and purchased 1 book each for the children.

When we returned home, I completed the packing. At 8:30, I put the kids to bed. Then continued to pack until 11:30. Dave reported that he had arrived at St Louis and that all was good. By 11:30, Dave had sent an email reporting that he had arrived at LAX and I decided I needed an additional bag.

On the 19th, Clara and Tristan went to school. Zoe did not want to go, so her last day was Tuesday. After we dropped Tristan off, my good friend Mary came by to help me clean to get the house ready for the renters. Mary brought her son, George. Zoe, Neo and George had a good time keeping each other company as Mary and I cleaned. Mary was an excellent helper - I don't think I could have gotten everything done - or as well - if she hadn't come by.

At 1pm my friend Kathleen and her daughter Erin stopped by to pick up Fiona's scratching post. She helped me move some furniture, flip the king mattress, and clean behind the bunk beds - before she had to collect her children from school. There were many tears at our parting.

Mary and George left about the same time. Again, many tears. I have wonderful friends in Madison!

When Clara came home from school, she helped me finish up. Then I collected Tristan from school. We had to run to the bank one last time. Then off to Charter Cable to disconnect service.

Tristan moved all the suitcases across the parking lot between our house and Melanie's. The pizza was ordered and arrived by 6pm. Clara went to join the others at Melanie's. Neo and I took a few more minutes then went over. Minutes after we left, Dave called. Of course we were at Melanie's!

Actually, by the time I had gone over to Melanie's for supper, I was really quite frazzled. It had been several days of really pushing it - staying up late and getting up early - to complete the packing and getting the house ready.

After supper at Melanie's, the kids watched "Wall-E" and I went back to our house. Rachel helped me by packing up the last of the food, and washing the few dishes that were out. Melanie called to say that Neo was asking for me and offered to bring him over. Shortly after she arrived, I saw a taxi pull up in our driveway....it was our renters, the Le Denuff family! I have to add that the taxi was a minivan from Union Cab. It contained 12 large suitcases, carryons and 6 people plus the driver. I was really impressed that they were able to get everything in and encouraged that the same feat could be accomplished for us on our trip to the airport in the morning.

Neo and I greeted them. I took them around the house and showed them everything. I took them to the van and demonstrated how to run it. While I was doing that, Dave called my cell phone, which was in my purse at Melanie's house. Tristan answered and Dave was able to talk with him and Zoe.

Clara came over and I introduced her to them. She helped me bring the last of my stuff (including a wash basket full of clean clothes) over to Melanie's. When Neo and I returned to Melanie's, the children, with the exception of Clara, were asleep. I put Neo down. Then Dave called.

Dave said the place was like Hawaii. The birds were very colorful - and unlike any he's ever seen before and the air is perfumed. I'm excited about seeing this for myself!

Dave talked about the beauty of the place. He seemed really up beat. He had some suggestions for the plane.

Clara and I finished up organizing the luggage, then went to bed. I was awake for a long time, reviewing the events of the day and running through lists in my mind. At some point, I must have gotten some good sleep though, because when Melanie came down to wake me at 5:30am, I was sound asleep.

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