18 November 2008

Dave Flys the Friendly Skies

Dave left for Australia tonight. We had an enjoyable day together. When Clara came home from school, we picked up Tristan from school then headed to the Madison airport. We arrived with plenty of time. Dave had already checked his bags by the time we had parked the car and came in. We didn't stay though because Zoe was unhappy. I received an email from Dave stating that he was in St. Louis - so all is going as planned.

I'm still stuffing things into suitcases and weighing them. I'm also practicing with my new laptop - to see if I can do things like I did with the desktop.

Tonight is our last night in our home here. Tomorrow night we'll be sleeping at the neighbor's house. We fly out Thursday morning!

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TheHarriman Family said...

I will be thinking about you today (thurs)on the day you are heading to LA. Happy traveling!