16 November 2008

Farewell Parties

Our special neighbors, Rachel and Melanie, hosted a "neighborhood" Thanksgiving dinner for us on Sunday, November 16. All of our neighbors are very special and they all turned out to wish us well. I had tears in my eyes by the end of the evening. The food was delicious too. What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Neo's 2nd birthday was celebrated at the neighborhood dinner. Neo turns 2 17 November.

We also hosted a farewell party/Open House at our home on Thursday, 13 November. That was a very special day too. A good number of friends dropped in to wish us well.

Our cat, Fiona, went to live with friends of ours today. She seemed to be doing OK when we left. It's quiet here tonight without her prowling around and sleeping at the foot of the bed.

We are well blessed with very good friends here in Madison.

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