15 November 2008

Dave's Last Day at Work!

Friday was Dave's last day of work! He said it felt odd to be done. His last week was working from 1:30pm to 10pm so he could cover the California contractors calling in with questions. He said he didn't receive many calls. On Fridays, the contractors in California go home (I guess they're flown in from other parts of the west), so he worked daytime hours. That was the only day we had a "conflict" with 1 car. I had to get the kids to school and he needed to be to work about the same time. As a result, the kids were tardy.

Dave had parent teacher conferences this week. He met with Clara's teacher on Tuesday. She said Clara is doing well in school over all, however she was concerned about a reading test that Clara took (in September). She suggested that Clara retake the test. I wonder why teacher didn't bring it up to Clara or us before this! Now that Clara only has 3 days of school left, we don't have much time to reschedule. Otherwise, Clara is doing well. Clara's teacher said that Clara will be missed.

Tristan is doing well. His math skills are excellent. He's very social - almost to the point of being a problem in class. His reading skills are OK, but he needs to read more and improve his sight word knowledge. Nothing that we didn't already know.

Zoe is doing great in kindergarten. She can write numbers to 19. She can recognize about 20 letter sounds. She is still learning the lowercase letters. For the remainder of the kindergarten year, she would be working on learning 30 sight words. Again, nothing we didn't know about.

I met with the management company yesterday. I notified the renters about the manager 2 weeks ago when I was there. I brought all the ice melt for the season at that time too. I sent letters this week to each tenant with the management company's information. I feel good about where we're at with that.

Canceled the Netflix yesterday. Also canceled the automatic payment for our cell phone. It just re-upped so we have 100 minutes then it's done. The utilities have all been transferred into the tenant's names. On Tuesday, I'll go over to charter to disconnect the cable TV. I have to buy a converter box for our analog TV yet. I do have the coupon, just haven't done it yet.

The transfer of documents from my desktop computer to my laptop computer is going surprisingly well. I've been backing up important documents onto disks too. I think we'll need a printer/copier once we get to Australia. This one has been indispensable.

It's another Badger football game here today! The last one we'll see - but there's another one next week that the renters will be here for. The weather is cool - 40s - and overcast. The game begins at about 2pm. So the warmest part of the day. I expect we'll have fewer people parking.

Most of the stuff is packed. I still have to go through my desk a little. It's about 1/2 done. I Helped Clara get her suitcase packed yesterday. I'll wait for Tristan and Zoe until Tuesday or they'll have it all tossed out before we depart.

I'll start packing my suitcase today - and Neo's too.

Dave flies out on Tuesday! So just 3 days left! Wednesday is a final preparations day for me. Then we fly out Thursday morning!

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