20 November 2008

Brisbane - Posted by Dave - Catherine in transist

Brisbane is beautiful, birds here I've never seen except in pictures. Got up this morning at about 4AM, went out to look at the stars - pretty amazing, Orion was clearly visible but he was upside down! A lot of stars totally unfamiliar to me.

Today I took the train into the city center. I will see about the banking and perhaps a mobile phone if I am ambitious. The holiday house is nice but does not have a phone line, not even local.


Catherine said...

(Posted by Dave, actually. Catherine Probably still in LAX at this point.)

Jennifer said...

Did you have any trouble because of the weather? My friend Judy Wakabayashi, whose sons live in Brisbane,said they had the worst storm in 25 years and flooding including in West End. One of her sons is an emergency worker and he was pretty busy the past week.

Catherine said...

Jennifer -

Dave told me on the phone last night that there was a wild storm. He said he was only half conscious, and it didn't register with him. He said it was really big - but I don't think he knew the extent of it - or he didn't go into it further with me because of the brief call.