10 November 2008

Corolla Sold in 2 days!

Sold Dave's car on Saturday. Received MORE then we thought we would - and more then Blue Book value - very happy and surprised. Just confirms to us that we're doing the "right thing" with our Australia move.

This week we'll "juggle" getting Dave to work and the other family members to/from school and other errands. It's only for 5 work days. Then Dave is done with work.

Here's one more picture from Halloween. Dave actually wanted to dress up this year - quite unusual! I think it's because his outlook is very positive.

We are making progress on purchasing the Trajet in Australia. The Seller has taken the van into the mechanic to have all the items corrected and the Road Worthy Certificate in place. That's something the US can look into. In Australia, a car has to have a Road Worthy Certificate to be on the road.

Clara and Tristan have asked to have 19 November in school, since the renters won't be here until that night. We'll see how the packing is coming. I'm thinking it will be OK for them to have the extra day at school and with their friends.

We went to Blackhawk Church for the last time before we travel last night. It was amazing the number of friends I saw that I don't usually see. Everyone was very nice - wishing us well and sending us off.

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TheHarriman Family said...

It definitely sounds like your prayers are being answered! That is awesome how everything is falling into place for you.