26 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Technically we've been here 3 days - if you count the day we arrived.

Yesterday Neo and I went down to Queen Street then walked across the Melbourne St bridge to the South Bank. We visited Centrelink to get things set up for us with the government. Still have more to do but it's a start. I filled in some of the forms - but I have to do Medicare yet, and more forms still. I have this vision that it's very organized - almost like a sci fi novel/movie. We didn't get home until after 4pm.

Dave and the older children spent the day at home and going over to Moora park. It's right across the street from our house. Clara is allowed to wander around on short walk abouts. Tristan and Zoe and go together to the "upper" playground. There's a lower playground by the water as well.

For Thanksgiving "dinner" Dave and I had Veggie Pizza - it had artichokes, italian olives and roasted pumpkin for toppings. DELICIOUS!! And the owner was born and raised in New Orleans. He's Italian so it's "authentic" Italian pizza.


TheHarriman Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Catherine and Family!

Jennifer said...

What did you have for Thanksgiving dinner? Did you have a special Australian food? We are spending the holiday weekend painting the living and dining rooms.

What does David think of Brisbane so far?