22 November 2008

Carlsbad CA = 22 Nov

I woke up at 5 am and Neo was awake by 5:30. Tristan and Zoe woke shortly after. They were all relieved to find that California had similar Saturday morning cartoons as Madison.

After breakfast, Neo took his nap and so did I. By 10:30, we were awake and ready to hit the road. First stop the beach!

It was a cool morning - low 60s with fog and a cool wind. Even still, all the children wanted their shoes off and into the water! By the time we left, everyone was wet - but especially Tristan.

We arrived at Legoland at noon. First thing, Clara went on a roller coaster that she didn't get to yesterday. We met up again at the Knights BBQ for lunch. Delicious!

We went round the park in the opposite direction today to catch all the attractions we had missed the day before. Another wonderful day touring. The crowds were thicker but not bad. The weather was cooler. I wore my jacket most of the day. Even though they were all happy to continue to closing, I wanted to go by 4 so we wouldn't be arriving in LA in the dark - trying to find our way around.

We returned to our Los Angeles hotel - Embassy Suites LAX - South, by 6pm. When we arrived, there was a wonderful surprise waiting for us.....GRANDMA AND GRANDPA SMITH!!

It was great to see them! We joined them for the manager's reception and then dinner. Neo was done by 8pm so we all retired to our rooms, and bed.

Tomorrow we'll spend the day in LA. Our flight for Australia leaves at midnight.

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TheHarriman Family said...

Have a wonderful trip to Australia! I can't believe how grown-up Clara looks in those pictures!