10 January 2009

Zoe's Birthday - The Entrance

Zoe's 6th Birthday cake

Zoe turned 6 on 10 January, 2009!

Immediately following breakfast, we sang to her and cut into the cake. She really liked the cake. It had a cream and strawberry jelly filling. Zoe wanted strawberries added to the top. They were a delicious addition.

After lunch, we drove up to The Entrance - where they have pelican feedings daily at 3:30pm. The beach area was so amazing that we almost didn't make it to the pelican feeding.

There is a large body of water that is inland. When we were there, the tide was flowing out and current of the water was fast going out into the ocean. We walked along a waterway where a lot of people were wading and fishing. There were some pelicans hanging out too.

The rock pools between the ocean and the waterway were filled with fish and other life. We saw many crabs, 2 sea slugs and 1 sea cucumber. Clara saw 2 puffer fish and Dave saw a box jellyfish.

The reason for the Pelican Feeding is so the wildlife experts can get a look at the birds to be sure they are not injured. They saw that one bird had a hook in it's leg and fishing wire wrapped around. They waded into the water and grabbed the large wild bird. It was amazing to see. It took all three handlers to hold the bird so the hook could be removed. Afterward, they showed us where the windpipe is inside the large pouch (the Guinness Book of World Records states that the Australian Pelican has the largest beak). To reward the bird for his cooperation, they put 2 fish into his mouth. She really stuffed her hand into his mouth. She said it's like a large shopping bag. After they released the bird, they told the kids that they could come up and throw fish to the pelicans. Clara and Tristan did this.

We ended the day by picking up a couple of pizzas and eating them at home. Zoe said it was her best birthday yet.


LizzyT said...

Hi Catherine, I am glad to see you made it to The Entrance, we had went there quite a few times and Amy loved it. We also went to the Reptile Park and enjoyed that too. When we went there they had a huge croc, I think he was called Eric, but I think I heard he has died since we were there. Reading your blog is bringing back such good memories. I can't wait to get back there. Janet.

Catherine said...

Janet -

I think Elvis the Alligator is still at the Reptile Park. They were going to feed the alligators but we were on the way out. We did stand by the edge of the alligator pond and there was a large one that stared us down then raised his head and made a growl. Dave was really surprised by that because he grew up with alligators in Florida and never saw that kind of behavior. Must be the familiarity with the staff.

I'm glad it's bringing back good memories. We are certainly enjoying our outings.

TheHarriman Family said...

Happy late birthday Zoe! Something is coming in the mail for the family and the birthday kids (zoe and neo). I am not sure how long it will take to get there! Still without internet! HOpefully, we will have it soon!

Catherine said...

Ranae -

Thanks for your generosity! The children will be thrilled with their gifts!

I hope your internet gets connected soon. It has made a huge difference for us to be connected.

In your case all the more since Paul will be able to work from home. I heard he's in Phoenix living with Mom Stallman for a few days while you get cleared out of the snow.