17 January 2009


I have never seen Dave so interested in a sport before. He has been turning on the Cricket World Test games for weeks now. Dave understands more about it then I do because he has been studying it. I won't describe too much for the risk of stating it wrong.

Dave especially likes the Test games which last 5 days. The reason they are called Test is because they test the endurance.

Recently, South Africa beat Australia in a Test match. It was a world upset. Dave watched it all.

There are some similarities to US baseball....but very different. There's a bowler instead of a pitcher. There are "the sticks". The bat is very different - flat. There was commentary on a two sided bat being used for the first time. There seem to be runners. There are only 3 ways to get a batter out - catching a fly ball is one. But it's not unusual for batters to hit 100 times or more. They call 100 hits a century. And there's a half-century.

The bowler's styles are very different. Some take a running start, then throw. The speed that the ball is thrown is recorded like in baseball.

A very interesting sport.

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