07 January 2009

Parrots and Lorikeets

There were a lot of Parrots and Lorikeets in the Cheese tree in our front yard today. I managed to get a few pictures - and you can actually see the birds. The Parrot with the Orange head is called the King Parrot. The female King Parrot has the Orange (Red) breast but a Green head (Top Picture). The Rainbow Lorikeet has a blue head and rainbow coloring on his breast. The Rainbow Lorikeets are very loud! The poor Tawny FrogMouth was trying to nap in our Cheese Tree again today - I'm not sure if he'll be back tomorrow after that disturbance.

Zoe pulled out her 2nd tooth today, 7 January. Guess what the tooth fairy left her? A My Little Pony set - good thing she loves ponies!

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