05 January 2009


Today is Tuesday, 6 January, 2009. We finally have internet connection at our home! The first time we have had our own internet connection since we left Wisconsin on 20 November, 2008! It has been very difficult trying to remain connected with hit or miss connections at the library (and other public locations).

Because we have a new account, I have a new email address: clara1mom@bigpond.com

We have been getting acclimated to our new home and the surrounding area. We are greatly relieved to have a place to call home. The more we look around, the happier we are with our choice too. It's a very nice neighborhood. The streets are level. There are many houses in the area. We've been giving the children the freedom to go on "walk about" because it's very safe and slower moving traffic. It's much cooler here then in the city of Gosford or anywhere else inland.

There's a beautiful lake across the street from our house. It reminds me very much of a lake in Northern Wisconsin. The lake is connected to a lagoon that many people swim in. The lagoon leads up to the beach and the ocean. I've been told that sometimes MacMasters Beach council will drain the lake/lagoon. There are ducks and other waterfowl that live on the lake. There are two pelicans that sit on an old log on the lake. It was amazing to see one eating the other day. We live near a national park. There are reserved, pristine beaches within a few km from our home. The nearest is Little Beach. I'll post about Little Beach in detail.

Zoe lost her first tooth on 5 January 2009. She is about to lose her 2nd tooth any day. It's so loose, I'm surprised it didn't come out with the first one.

Dave and I both have drivers licenses from New South Wales now! No weight is recorded on their licenses. It's a good thing Dave got his license. His Wisconsin driver license expires in May. At least he'll be able to drive with his NSW one.

There is a practice that the Australian government uses that makes a lot of sense to us. For people learning how to drive, they are required to tuck a L under the license plate of the car - so other drivers and police are aware of this. Also for people under probation, there are P plates. These are especially used for young drivers. In Wisconsin, new drivers receive probationary licenses, but nothing the notifies others on the vehicle.

Today, 4 birds that look a little like owls, stopped in our Cheese tree for a snooze. Ian (the person who delivers the Post ie Mail) brought his 11 year old daughter over to say hello. He told us that the birds are Tawny Colored Frog Mouths - related to owls. They are night feeders. So cool to be so near to them - we were right on the balcony about 4 feet away.

Last night some type of night flower opened and the fragrance wafting in through the open windows was thick.

I saw 4 butterflies today that look like Monarchs. One landed in the tree in our front garden (at balcony height), I've attached a photo for your review. Does it look like a Monarch Butterfly?

Australia is awesome. We have been really enjoying the natural beauty of this place - even with all of our personal trials.


LizzyT said...
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LizzyT said...

Hi Catherine, I am glad to read you are settling in. I bet you are glad to get the internet connected. It is surprising how much we come to rely on it for communication. You will be able to keep in touch with your friends and family so much easier now. The area you have settled in sounds lovely and is not very far from where my aunt and uncle live, they are in Wyong. Janet

Catherine said...

Hi Janet. Yes, Wyong is north of here....very close. I really like the central coast.

Catherine said...

I just checked out a butterfly book from the library. Monarch Butterflies are in Australia!