20 January 2009

Skillion Lookout

View from Top of Skillion Lookout

Sunday night I went to grocery store and requested 1/2 a pound of ham from the Deli. The woman gave me a sharp eye and said, you mean kilo. I nodded in agreement, while calculating the difference in my head. By the time I realized that I was getting More then a Pound of ham, she had completed my order.

What do you do when you have more lunch meat then you wanted - go on a picnic!

On Monday, January 19, the kids and I packed a picnic lunch - ham sandwiches - go figure - and drove to the Skillion Lookout at Terrigal. It's been 1 month since we lived over in Terrigal. Dave has been to this lookout, but I was off looking at houses to rent at that time.

The children enjoyed feeding the gulls, who were eager to share in our lunch.

I climbed the hill with Neo on my back. He's beginning to like that, now.

Zoe asked to walk on the rocks. Our explore was shortened by her stumble and fall which resulted in 3 scrapes on her knees.

Peregrine Falcon on rock
We saw a peregrine falcon hovering in the sky. Amazing bird!!

Speaking of an amazing bird, this King Parrot landed on our balcony railing while Clara was there with the camera in hand.

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oldwhitelady said...

How cool that the parrot landed while you had the camera!