11 January 2009

Bouddi National Park

On the map I posted in the column on the right, you can see where we live: Macmasters Beach.

You'll see that there is a large green area nearby. This is Bouddi National Park. The closest National Beach in this National Park is Little Beach. Little Beach is 2 kilometers up the road from our house. It really is a steep climb uphill on the way to the beach. Once in the parking lot, there's a 200 meter walk downhill to Little Beach. Little Beach also has a camping area.

Zoe, Clara, and Tristan on Rock at Little Beach

It's a beautiful beach. The day we went, it was low tide. There were many rocks to climb on and tidal pools to view. We also found a small mineral leak coming from the rocks above. The children really loved this beach. It's the beach that Zoe requests to go to most often.

The long walk uphill from Little Beach

Dave said that he's been to many beaches in California and elsewhere, but nothing like this one. It's even different then The Entrance - which I posted about above.

On another day, we went to another beach, further up the hill. The drive to this beach had many hairpin curves. This beach is called Pretty Beach. We didn't like this beach as much as Little Beach.

Rocky area at the far end of Pretty Beach

Here's a link to information about Bouddi National Park http://www.pleasetakemeto.com/australia/new-south-wales/central-coast/information/location/bouddi-national-park

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