28 January 2009

Austrlia Day and Chinese New Year

There was a Chinese New Year celebration as part of the Gosford Summer in the City Celebration. Gosford is a city that is near to us - about 10Kms. The Chinese New Year celebration was on Sunday, 25 January beginning at 8pm. We arrived about 7:15 so we were able to see some of the other performers - supposed to be multi-cultural. It was amazing listening to the aboriginal performers play the didgoridoo. The sound of it vibrates right through you. We wondered that he was able to play for so long. Here's a picture of one being played.

We especially enjoyed the lion dance. It was a little different from the ones we witnessed in the US at the Families with Children from China dinners. The dancers were younger. And there was a "baby" Lion introduced. Finally, they tore the lettuce for good fortune. Then hung the banner on the top of a very tall pole. It took 3 men to hold the pole steady while the "lion" climbed it.

Australia Day is a public holiday very similar to the 4th of July in the US. In preparation for Australia day on Monday, 26 January, the kids and I went to a lantern decorating workshop. The lanterns turned out well. We were invited to carry our lighted lanterns in the evening parade, but Dave wanted us to stay home and get ready for the week. The evening rain convinced us to stay in.

Little Fish going for the bread
Instead we enjoyed a relaxing family day at home. We walked down to Macmasters Beach. Enjoyed playing in the surf and sand. We also fed the ducks at the lagoon. It's a favorite activity for the children.

In the garden at our home, there are several bushes with what we believe are macadamia nuts. The King Parrots like to eat the nuts from the bushes. Clara picked some of the nuts and placed them on the posts of the balcony. To our amazement, and Clara's delight, the parrots landed on the railing and ate the nuts! There were 4 king parrots on the rail at one time eating nuts. And they didn't mind us walking cautiously out to the balcony to have a peek.

On Tuesday, Dave went to work. I took the children over to Copacabana where there is a public school. There is a school in Kincumber too. But the number of children enrolled at Kincumber is almost twice that of the number enrolled in Copa. I thought a smaller school would be better - especially for Zoe. I registered them for school.


TheHarriman Family said...

That would be pretty amazing to have parrots eating off your balcony! How fun! When will the kids start school? I have heard one of the didgeroos (sp?) playethe
before-they are pretty amazing
to listen too.

Steven said...

The celebration of Chinese New Year that I have witnessed in Sydney was awesome as well and aside from the Lion Dance, I enjoyed those people who are dealing with the firecrackers. I get scared with them and they play with it casually. The parrots are awesome. It seems like you got really close and they didn't mind at all. I wish some of them will land on my garden as well.

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