18 January 2009

Maitland Bay

Zoe, Tristan and Clara pose on a rock on the way down to Maitland Bay

We had been told about a discussion about Nurse Sharks at the Maitland Bay Ranger Station on Saturday afternoon. The kids and I planned to go and give Dave some quiet time. When we arrived there, I went to the kiosk to read about where the event was being held. While I was reading aloud, some people asked me about my accent and we chatted a bit. When I turned around the children had all scampered down the hill toward the ocean. I called them, but they were set on going down. So I joined them.

Neo making his way down

The trek down was almost straight down. The sign said it's 1.8km each way and to expect 20 minutes to go down and 30-40 minutes to come back up. Neo loved going down. He would get to the edge of the step and jump to the next step. The steps were the kind where the earth is held in place by a log. When the steps were rocks, I made him stop jumping and hold my hand instead. He made it on his own all the way down.

The View
We stopped at a couple of unguarded lookouts - it was awe inspiring! Although I did worry about the children falling off.

When we were on the beach, the children immediately headed toward the rocks for tidal pool searches. Even Neo scampered around on the rocks.

Finally after an hour at the bay, we made our way back up. I carried Neo on my back. Tristan walked with me and helped me to keep Neo happy.

Unfortunately the pictures aren't that good - they were taken with my cell phone.

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