06 June 2009

The waters rose and rose, then one day...

Rain clouds gathering over swollen lagoon and Lake Cochrane

It rained and rained. The waters rose and rose. The lagoon was almost touching the ocean. The measure read a hair over 2.5 meters. The high water mark was 2.6 meters. Water was standing in the trees across from our home. Water prevented us from walking around the lagoon to the beach. There was more rain then usual.

Small strip of sand left between ocean and lagoon

Then one day, Clara asked to walk home from school on Wednesday. I agreed. When I returned home with the other kids, I smelled a sewer type smell and wondered about it. About 15 minutes later, Clara called to say she couldn't get home, the lagoon had been let out.

The day before, I spoke with some very knowledgeable long time residents that had assured me that the school would be notified when the lagoon was going to be let out, so no one would be trapped trying to walk home from school. No notification was made.

Swollen lagoon in foreground with Lake Cochrane behind

The lifeguards were present. Apparently the waters going out and the waves created are a huge draw to surfers and swimmers. Someone drowned, or maybe not, I couldn't find anyone to confirm the story.

When I went to collect Clara from her friend's house, we went down to see how it's done. Here's the video that I took of the event. It was really amazing to me to see the change in Lake Cochrane and the lagoon. http://www.flickr.com/photos/25447601@N02/3602310870/

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