19 June 2009

Copa School Canteen Treats

Tea cup - Clock cookie base (clock face out) with icing, marshmallow (they are different then US version), fizzy candy for handle, and chocolate topping.

On Friday 19, June, the Copacabana School was having a party! As part of this, the children were allowed to wear "party clothes" - which means a Mufti Day or no uniform! The canteen staff and volunteers made special treats for sale - 50 cents each. YUM!

Frog in Pond: This is a chocolate frog inserted into green jello (called Jelly here)

Smiley Biscuit: frosting with candy bits for face on biscuit

Hedgehog slice: broken biscuit (cookie) bits with chocolate poured over the top. No bake
Crackles (cupcake wrapper): These are like risecrispie treats with chocolate and sprinkles. Very nice!

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