07 June 2009

4 days After Draining Cochrone Lagoon

Zoe and Neo walking in the lagoon bed

Four days after they moved the sand between the ocean and the lagoon/lake, we walked down to see how things are recovering. It was a lovely winter day. Sunny and bright.

Bed of the lagoon

The bed of the lake and lagoon are exposed. There are dead fish everywhere, which has brought in the pelicans. Pelicans don't mind eating dead fish. It's amazing to watch them gorge on the bounty that is now available to them. This area has attracted more sea type birds then have lived here before.

Pelicans on the lagoon

Even though there are many dead fish, there thousands of new fish hatch lings everywhere. It appears that even though the draining was initiated by humans, that it might be a natural process.

Sand that divides ocean from lagoon

The ocean has already naturally moved the piles of sand back into place. There's a strip of sand that connects Macmasters beach to Copacabana again.

This pier was submerged just 1 week ago

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