29 June 2009

The last days of school

Zoe with her 60 Home Readers Certificate and Bookmark

Our children really love their school: Copacabana Public School. But the last week before our departure was rough.

On the last Friday, Tristan suffered a mild concussion.

On the last Tuesday, Zoe was sent to sick bay because she had a wave of nausea at the end of the day. She did vomit when she returned home and spent Wednesday at home with me. Wednesday afternoon she was doing OK, so we went to a birthday party she was invited to for her friends Izzy and Rylee. It was a lovely party and a beautiful day....at the Copacabana surf lifesaving club.

Thursday was the last day of school. Zoe woke up late and didn't want to go to school. Her teacher had organized a party on her behalf as a special lunchtime celebration.

Clara walked to school that morning. The lagoon had been let out again - this time a trench was dug by hand and it was smaller. There was standing water when Clara arrived in the morning and the tide was high. Instead of returning home for a ride to school, Clara decided to wade through the water. She was soaked to her buttocks! She didn't ask to call me, as I would have brought her a pair of pants to wear.

When I arrived at school, I heard that there was some confusion so I went to see her. We could not find any pants in lost and found and school did not have a change of clothes. So she had to wear the new skirt that I had bought her and we had planned to return to the store for a refund. She was not happy about having to wear her skirt.

Clara's teacher had arranged for the canteen to make cupcakes for the entire class to celebrate Clara's departure.

Tristan with his buddies Roan and Cullen

Tristan's teacher had organized a special card for Tristan. The card is huge and attached to it are many greetings - mini cards - from each of his classmates. Tristan had also been tested in his reading earlier in the week and scored as an "independent" reader. He brought home his "Wall of Fame" and all the spots had been filled in...an accomplishment not achieved by anyone else in the class.

Thursday afternoon, I brought Zoe in to her class a little before the bell. She was greeted warmly by her classmates. We took pictures.

After the bell, we went to Clara's room where she was chatting with her teacher. We took more pictures and said good bye.

As we walked out of the school yard, the principal and vice principal came to say good bye and wish us well.

Clara and Zoe with Principal Sue Lewis

The school was wonderful. My children thrived at Copacabana Public School: academically, socially, and spiritually. The teachers, students, and parents are awesome. Copa school is where my children made many friends. I also made many friends with the parents. We were well blessed to be part of this community.

Jennefer, the first parent friend I made at Copa School

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