28 June 2009

Tristan's Accident

Last Friday, Tristan was playing basketball on the playground with friends at the lunchtime recess. Someone hit him on the head with the basketball. The force of it pushed him into the support pole for the basketball hoop - where he slammed his head again. He managed to sit down on the ground, not fall down. They took him into sick bay and called me. Dave was working from home that day (we had planned to have lunch at a little beachside restaurant).

When we arrived, Tristan was back in the classroom. I checked him and brought him home. We gave him panadol and had him rest. He complained about nausea. I called the doctor's office and was referred to the Gosford hospital emergency room. Dave wasn't convinced we needed medical help at that time, so I asked him to monitor Tristan while I went to see the last school assembly (and record some of it).

Tristan in hospital

Before I could gather the other kids at the end of the school day, Dave called to say I needed to take Tristan to the hospital. I dropped Zoe and Neo off with Dave, and took Tristan to the emergency room. Clara was walking home that day.

Tristan cried in pain all the way to the hospital. Once at the ER, Tristan was examined by the triage nurse. After he had been seen, and was checked in, he vomited. The doctor tested his reflexes and memory - he passed with flying colors. It was about 5 hours after the injury. They gave him another dose of Panadol. They kept him for observation for 1 - 2 hours. He vomited again. At that, they ordered a CT scan.

After examining the scan results, they determined it was OK for Tristan to be released. We returned home after 5 hours at the emergency room with instructions to wake Tristan every 4 hours.

He has been his old self since then. We got the all clear to take him on the long flight back to the USA 1 week later.

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