16 June 2009

Lake Cochrone Update - 8 days after drain

Lake Cockrone as it refills after being drained 8 days prior.

8 days after the drain, the lake bottom is still present - but more of it is covered each day. This is the section where Zoe was standing on the previous pictures.

If you compare this picture with the same one taken 4 days after the drain, you'll see how much water has been filled in.

This is a new family of black swans. We saw them swimming the day before. Here they are sleeping on the edge of the water with their parents. It's surprising since they are sitting in a highly visible, popular area. Many people with dogs come along here. These are the youngest cygnets I've had the privilege of taking a picture of.

This Cormorant or "shag" is called a "white" cormorant - but I cannot find a reference for it. It's truly amazing. This bird swims with water covering his body up to his neck. Then he dives under the water coming up after 15 seconds or longer quiet a way from where it submerged. Later, it stands on the edge and raises it's wings and tail feathers like this - possibly to dry? We haven't seen this cormorant prior to the draining of the lake and lagoon.

This is the black cormorant. We've seen it plenty of times around the lagoon.

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